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Seat Availability

The workflow for CNC goes like this:

  1. Make your file. ( CAD/Ilustrator)
  2. Signup for CAM Consultation (This is when you will write your CAM for your project using Aspire.)
  3. We will be here to help you if you get stuck!
  4. Technician then reviews your file, Material gets purchased from our store, and your file is added to our queue.
  5. (1-3 days when we are not busy, up to 2 weeks during midterms/finals)

***************************New This Semester***************************

We will also be offering walk-ins to discuss your project!
We can talk about material choices, files preparation, problems you might be having, etc.
This is NOT to submit files to the queue or write CAM please signup on libcal for that.

Walk-in times:
Monday: 10 – 1
Tuesday:  10-1
Wednesday: 10-1
Thursday: 10-1
Friday: 10-1
Sat-Sun: 11:00 – 5

   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable/Padding